Is Cubo the First Smart Baby Monitor? Actual True

Is Cubo the First Smart Baby Monitor? The answare is NO!

What was the first baby monitor? Nanit is the first smart baby monitor in the USA market actually.

In 2015 released the first smart baby monitor in the market by the company name Nanit, they offered a wall-mounted Smart Baby Monitor camera with a bird’s-eye view, sleep tracking, two-way audio, and smart home integration function,

When was cubo made? Two years after the Nanit Pro was launched in 2017, but it had the most popular and well-regarded models on the market also very well-known for its robust build quality, many safety features, user-friendly interface, and high-quality video footage capturing.

Is Cubo discontinued?

On August 1, 2022 the first generation of Cubo Ai smart baby monitor was discontinued by the company

I understand this can be frustrating as a consumer when a company discontinues support for a device. As a parent myself, I know how stressful it can feel when something related to your baby’s safety is affected.

While inconvenient, companies typically make these decisions to allocate resources toward improved technologies. I’m sure Cubo Ai is the best in the market as their newer models also give parents increased peace of mind.

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor Review!

As a first-time mom, I was obsessed with getting the “perfect” baby monitor that would give me peace of mind and help me keep a close watch over my little one. After tons of late-night research sessions while rocking a fussy baby,

I finally decided on The CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor. While it may not have been the absolute first smart monitor, in my personal opinion, Cubo Ai blows its competitors out of the water.

Its crystal clear video, intelligent alerts that actually mean something, and handy two-way audio fill this anxious mama’s heart with relief. Knowing exactly what’s happening in baby’s room lets me relax a bit, even when milestones and mom-duties keep me up at night. With Cubo Ai by my side, I can breathe a little easier.

Unboxed CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Companies Who are Also Early Riser

  • Hubble Connected
  • Infant Optics
  • Summer Infant
  • Owlet

Who created Cubo AI?

As a parent, I admire Kang-Ning’s vision and determination in co-founding Cubo Ai. Creating an AI-powered smart baby monitor that eases parents’ worries shows real insight into the needs of anxious moms and dads like myself.

He tapped into our desire to keep close watch over our precious little ones, even when we cannot be in the same room. I truly respect persistently innovative entrepreneurs who solve real problems parents face.

Although discontinuing earlier models upset some customers, I believe Kang-Ning still boldly pushes critical nursery tech advancements with Cubo Ai. Kudos to this serial inventor using tech for good!

Does cubo work without Wi-Fi?

As a fellow worried parent, I get the frustration of baby gear not working sans WiFi. But live streaming video of our little ones is a bandwidth hog. The engineers likely knew constant cloud connectivity was needed to power Cubo’s slick AI analytics.

Still, it stinks when you just want to check baby’s kicking off those covers! Perhaps someday they’ll roll out a basic offline mode for moments like that. For now, try repositioning your router closer to the nursery to strengthen the signal. Or brief breaks from the monitor could be a surprising chance to reset.

I know – easier said than done when we moms and dads fixate! But your ability to give grace under stress makes you a great parent even in tech fails.

Can you travel with cubo baby monitor?

As a parent who loves traveling with my kids, I totally get wanting to use Cubo on the go for consistent peace of mind. But needing Wi-Fi access to power parental hawk vision abroad limits mobility.

Hotel Wi-Fi can be spotty – don’t I know! Though in principle mobile hotspots work, in reality blinking connectivity wreaks havoc when you desperately just want to check on a napping toddler. Still, glitchy video beats racing up 10 flights writhing in separation anxiety!

App interface CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor

My advice?

Confirm room Wi-Fi quality first. Assemble backup gadgets for offline soothing like a wearable baby monitor, white noise machine, and breathable mesh crib. And remember – exploring new places as a family expands babies’ worlds, sometimes at costs like choppy Cubo reliability. But that makes snuggly sightseeing selfies that much sweeter!


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