VAVA Vs Infant Optics Vs Eufy 2023: Detailed Comparison

I recently had to choose between the Vava, Infant Optics DXR-8, and the Eufy baby monitors for my little one. As a first-time and worried mom, I wanted something reliable that would put my mind at ease when my baby is sleeping in the next room.

After researching all three options extensively, I have to say the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro came out on top for me. The video and image quality is crisper than the grainier Vava, and it has a better battery life and range than both the Vava and Eufy models.

The dealbreaker for me was the warranty – Infant Optics offers a full 2 year manufacturer’s warranty versus just 1 year for the others. As a mom who tends to worry, that extra year of coverage makes me feel so much better! I also like that it has interchangeable optical and wide angle lenses. do you know Is Cubo the First Smart Baby Monitor? Actual True

Vava Baby Monitor Vs Infant Optics DXR 8 Vs DXR 8 Pro

As a busy mom, having a long-lasting battery in my baby monitor gives me serious peace of mind. I don’t have time to constantly worry about charging cameras! That’s why the Vava’s 24 hours of battery life on one charge really appeals to me.

  • The huge 4500mAh battery means I can relax knowing it will make it through the night and most of the next day without recharging. That’s almost double what I’d get from the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro, and four times as long as the older DXR-8 model. Impressive!
  • I also love Vava’s 5 inch IPS display screen. The images of my sleeping baby look crisp, clear and bright from practically any viewing angle. From what I researched, IPS screens tend to show more accurate colors and contrasts than Infant Optics’ LCD.
Infant Optics DXR 8

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  • While the DXR-8 Pro’s screen is certainly decent, I don’t think it matches the brilliance of Vava’s display. As a first time mom, being able to see my daughter sleeping peacefully in high-resolution brings me so much comfort during those late night feedings and changings.
  • For my needs, the outstanding battery life and display quality are well worth the trade off of a shorter 1 year warranty compared to Infant Optics’ 2 years. Though the better coverage would be nice, the Vava already provides me reliability and performance I can count on.

Oh the dilemma of choosing the right baby monitor! As a new mom, I want to have eyes and ears on my little one at all times, even when she’s sleeping in her nursery. After looking closely at Vava and Infant Optics, the range capabilities are quite comparable overall.

  • Infant Optics touts an impressive 1,000 ft range on their latest DXR-8 Pro model which edges out Vava’s still-solid 900 feet a bit. I can certainly appreciate knowing my monitor will reliably cover my small home and backyard. But from what I read, Vava’s signal also seems very consistent and clear, just across a slightly smaller distance.
  • Zoom-wise, Infant Optics wins out with up to 6x digital zoom! Being able to really zoom in close on my daughter’s precious little face and know she’s breathing easy brings this anxious mama some serious peace of mind. Vava’s max zoom is 4x across their latest models, which should still allow me to see enough details.

But if we’re talking older models, Infant Optics’ DXR-8 only zooms to 4x, which puts it on par with Vava’s offerings. At the end of the day, both companies give me enough visual range and zoom to satisfy my overprotective tendencies! Though if I want to save a few dollars, Vava provides almost everything the pricier Infant Optics does at a more affordable cost. Either way, I’ll definitely be able to watch my sweet babe sleep soundly!

Here is a comparison of the Vava, Infant Optics DXR-8, and DXR-8 Pro baby monitors in a table format:

FeatureVavaInfant Optics DXR-8Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro
Available on AmazonYesYesYes
Video Quality5-inch, 720p HD display3.5-inch, 480p VGA display5-inch, 720p HD display
ManufacturerChinese companyAmerican companyAmerican company
Warranty12 months12 months24 months (12 months standard + additional 12 months upon registration)
Remote Pan/Tilt/ZoomYesYesYes
Transmission TechnologyFHSS, no wifiFHSS, no wifiFHSS, no wifi
Range480-900 feet700 feetUp to 1000 feet
Battery Life24 hours (4500 mAh battery)6-8 hours (2500 mAh battery)12 hours (can purchase separate 10,000 mAh external battery for extra 24 hours)
Feeding TimerYes, 2/4/6 hour optionsNoYes, 1-6 hour options
Sound ActivationNoNoYes
Screen Size5 inches3.5 inches5 inches
Zoom Capability2x, 4x zoom4x zoomUp to 6x optical/digital zoom
Pan/Tilt Range270° pan, 108° tilt (wide-angle lens available)270° pan, 110° tilt (wide-angle lens available)270° pan, 110° tilt (wide-angle lens available)
Release DateApril 2019Original 2013, Upgraded Jan 2015August 2020
Volume Control8 levels + sound indicatorNo sound indicatorNo sound indicator
ManufacturerVavaInfant OpticsInfant Optics
Noise ReductionNoNoYes
Lullabies/White NoiseNoNoNo
Speaker QualityStandard speakerStandard speakerImproved 1000mW speaker
Multi-Camera ExpandabilityUp to 4 additional at $96 eachUp to 4 additional at $100 eachUp to 4 additional at $100 each
Split-Screen ViewingNoNoNo


After diving deep into comparing Vava and Infant Optics, I’ve gotta say it’s a close call between Vava’s lower cost but still robust offering and Infant Optics’ pricier but tricked out DXR-8 Pro model.

As an anxious new mom on a budget, a lot of Vava’s specs initially appealed to me – the impressive 24 hour battery life and bright, crystal clear 5 inch display let me check on my little one with confidence. And while Infant Optics’ displays are also nice, upgrading to their Pro version for those bonus features has me straining my bank account a bit!

But for my sanity and peace of mind, the Pro model seems worth the splurge. The game changing VOX audio mode means I don’t have to keep the distracting video display on constantly – it will turn on automatically when the baby makes noise. This gives me and baby some electromagnetic relief! And not having to constantly recharge every 6 hours with Vava will give me less to stress about.

I also love Infant Optics’ improved sound quality, noise filtering, and expanded warranty coverage to ease this nervous mom’s concerns. While Vava is still impressive given the lower price, Infant Optics’ stellar reputation and customer service track record over the years sways me. I even have the option to replace individual broken parts if needed!

At the end of the day, we just want quality assurance when monitoring our little ones. And though it stretches my wallet, I think Infant Optics Pro is the way to go for top-notch features and total peace of mind. It earns its higher cost by helping us anxious parents get a bit more sleep!

Eufy Spaceview Pro vs Infant Optics Pro

As a new parent trying to choose the best baby monitor, I took a close look at two popular options – the Eufy SpaceView Pro and the Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro. Both seem really great, but the Infant Optics has some key advantages that appeal to me.

  • What I like about both is the large 5-inch screens, four camera capacity, two-way audio, and solid 1000 foot range. Nice not to have to stress about losing sight of my little one!
  • But as an anxious first-time mom, the Infant Optics’ noise reducing feature really speaks to me by filtering out ambient sounds so I can hear baby loud and clear. And that improved speaker quality for crisp audio is crucial for catching every coo.
  • The kicker for me is Infant Optics’ outstanding 24 month warranty (after registration) versus just 12 months for Eufy. Having that extended coverage and replacement part availability helps this worrier feel so much better! I may not use those perks, but just knowing they exist brings some peace of mind.
  • On the flip side, Eufy does have some nicer touches like the 5 preloaded lullabies and 12 hour battery that Infant Optics lacks. But for about $30 more, I think the Infant Optics’ proven reputation, sound quality and warranty make it the right pick for this overwhelmed new mama! Being able to hear and see baby clearly, no matter what, helps me rest easier.

Vava Baby Monitor Vs Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor

As an exhausted new parent, little things like battery life and lullabies actually make a huge difference in my baby monitor choice! When it’s 2am and I haven’t slept in what feels like weeks, I need all the help I can get.

That’s why I’m definitely leaning towards Eufy’s SpaceView even though it is cheaper than the Vava. Those extra 6 hours of battery life, going up to 30 hours per charge, means way fewer frustrating midnight recharging sessions. When I’m already up for late night feeding and changings, not worrying about the monitor dying too is seriously appealing.

And I absolutely love that the Eufy comes pre-loaded with five cute lullabies. Being able to play a soothing tune for my little one right from the monitor screen feels like a total lifesaver on those rough, fussy nights. It’s bound to help calm both of us on this rocky parenting road!

The wider viewing angle is yet another Eufy feature this sleep deprived mama finds super valuable as well. Having those few extra degrees of visibility means I can keep watch over more of the crib to see baby sleeping safe and sound. When running purely on caffeine, more visual reassurance is key!

So while the Vava may have a slight edge on battery capacity, the Eufy still lasts over a full day per charge. And extras like the sweet lullabies for only $50 less makes it a win in my book. My priority is making these early parenting months even just a bit smoother – and Eufy offers that. Finally, something easy for once!

Here is a comparison of the Vava and Eufy baby monitors in table format:

Transmission Range480-900 feet1000 feet
LullabiesNoYes, 5 options
Remote Pan/Tilt/ZoomYesNo, manual only
Retail AvailabilityVava websiteAmazon, other retailers
Mounting OptionsScrew for wall/surface mountWall mount (crib mount sold separately)
Multi-Camera CapabilityUp to 4 camerasUp to 4 cameras
Multi-Camera ScanningAutomatic cycling every 15 secsAdjustable 5/10/30 secs
Firmware UpdatesNot requiredRequired
Sound ActivationNoYes, adjustable
Transmission TechnologyFHSSFHSS
Zoom2x, 4x zoom1.5x, 2x zoom
Display Type5-inch IPS5-inch LCD
Battery Life24 hours (4500 mAh)12 hrs (5200 mAh), 30 hrs in eco mode
Pan/Tilt Range270° pan, 108° tilt330° pan, 110° tilt

As a new parent, I went back and forth trying to decide between Vava and Eufy’s baby monitors. Both offer great non-wifi options with large 5-inch high resolution displays to keep an eye on my little one. But looking closely, Eufy seems to give me a bit more bang for my buck.

For about $50 less than the Vava, Eufy still provides crisp video and a battery that lasts over a full day. Vava’s display may be technically “better” but Eufy’s works fine for checking in on a sleeping baby. And as an anxious new mom, I love Eufy’s extra wide views and soothing lullabies to calm fussy nights.

While pricier, Vava does let me zoom in closer and has a more stylish, premium feel that I’m drawn to. But on a budget, Eufy gives this worried mama reliable 12 hours of sight and sound with useful features for less. When running on little sleep already, saving money while still getting peace of mind is what matters most! For an affordable workhorse monitor without wifi risks, Eufy hits all the key needs for my family.

More About VAVA Baby Monitor

As a new parent doing all this shopping for my nursery, I’m grateful when baby items come with all the necessary pieces! When my Vava baby monitor arrived, I was pleased to find the well-packaged box included pretty much everything needed get it up and running without extra purchases. Sunvalley Group

  • Inside I found the stylish camera and parent unit monitor, two power adapters with cords for charging each device, the quick start guide, and user manual to cover the basics. At around 1 pound, it feels sturdy without being too heavy or bulky on my end table.
  • I do really like that external antenna on the back – something not all monitors have but that helps improve the Vava’s signal strength and connectivity. Between the long 24 battery life and reliable audio/video transmission to the 5-inch HD screen, I can tell the antenna does its job!
  • After comparing features, it’s impressive how the Vava keeps up with and even surpasses higher-end options like the Eufy and Infant Optics monitors. Yet its cost stays relatively affordable. This anxious new mama wants reliable tech without breaking the bank! For keeping watch overnight when my rest is already scarce, I feel secure trusting the Vava to be my eyes and ears. The well-rounded package and performance bring some peace of mind.

About VAVA Company

As a new mom doing her baby shopping research, I try to learn a bit about the companies behind the products I’m bringing into my nursery. By digging into  Vava Companyand their parent company Sunvalley, I discovered some things that give me confidence in the brand behind this affordable baby monitor option.

VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer for Kids & Adults

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While designed and sold under the Vava name, their monitors are actually manufactured in China by Shenzhen Express Technology Development Co. And Sunvalley has been around since 2007 selling all kinds of popular electronics through retailers like Amazon.

Considering their focus on technology and relationships with major stores, it makes sense why the Vava monitor packs great features into a slick, user-friendly package. And with over $300 million in online sales back in 2017 alone, they clearly know how to build the kinds of devices people want!The New York Times mentioned VAVA

What appeals most to me is that despite their success and quality, Vava’s prices stay relatively low. With Amazon coupons bringing the already reasonably-priced monitor down to around $140, they offer unbelievable value. As an anxious new mom on a tight budget, I feel good knowing this technology company uses their experience to help make parenting feel a bit easier for families like mine! It’s a relief finding such peace of mind at this price point.

Features of VAVA baby monitor

I know I’ll be up all night worrying about my little one in the next room. So having reliable tech I can count on is everything! After researching baby monitors, I realized Vava offered exactly the features my anxious self needs to find peace of mind when baby and I can’t sleep side-by-side.

  • The outstanding 900 foot range means I can head downstairs for a midnight snack without losing sight or sound of my little one. And with impressive 4x zoom, I can still see all those sweet little facial expressions, even from a distance! The 270 degree rotating view also lessens my FOMO.
  • As a moderately tech-savvy user, I also appreciate being able to pair up to 4 cameras to one 5-inch HD parent unit screen. No need for split screening or phone apps – just crystal clear night vision footage on a bright display with tons of adjustable settings. Being able to customize things like volume for my tired ears or circulation between multiple rooms is so ideal.
  • When you’re already operating on little to no sleep with a newborn, having reliable tech that can grow with your family is invaluable. So for this anxious-prone mama, Vava’s high performance monitor brings the late night reassurance my restless mind craves!

Why It’s In the Top 10 Best-Seller List (Pros)

High Definition IPS Display

As a first-time mom, I put a ton of research into finding just the right baby monitor to give me peace of mind. When I came across the Vava, I was really impressed by the rave reviews on several key features that stand out from other options.

First, the large 5-inch display uses vga technology that delivers stunningly crisp and clear video with accurate colors from any angle. As a self-proclaimed fretful mama, being able to see my little one sleeping soundly in vivid high-def is worth its weight in gold for my anxiety!

Wider Field of View

Another huge selling point for me is the 270-degree rotating view that captures more of the crib without needing to purchase extra lenses. Combined with the impressive 24-hour battery life, I can relax and take my eyes off the screen now and then without losing sight of my baby. The long battery is a lifesaver on those marathon overnight feedings and diaper changes!

Hack-Proof Technology

I also love how secured the FHSS transmission technology keeps our data and privacy. It not only assures minimal interference but also entirely hack-proof peace of mind. And as a moderately tech-savvy user, all the shortcuts and icons make operation so seamless for this sleepless mama!

Ease of Use and Variety of Features

While it has lots of features, the Vava still keeps monitoring refreshingly simple on the nice big touchscreen interface. This worried new parent feels endlessly relieved having this reliable video guardian watching over my little one around the clock. I may not be able to sleep when the baby sleeps, but at least I won’t be glued to the screen nonstop!

Vava Baby Monitor Cons

The Night Vision Has Some Glitches

I was disappointed that the night vision mode doesn’t always properly switch over to day mode when my baby’s room gets brighter. It will randomly just display black and white images even when the lighting conditions don’t call for night vision. Probably an issue with the automatic infrared sensor not working right. The range also seems shorter than other monitors – worries me that I might miss something important.

Having Trouble Hearing Those Cries

I’ve missed a few middle-of-the-night wake up calls from my little one because even at full volume, the parent unit speaker just isn’t loud enough for me. Not the best feeling to realize your baby has been crying while you were sleeping. I also struggle with connectivity problems – I think the router we have interferes with the signal.

That Glowing Night Light!

Call me crazy but I find the bright green night vision LED on the baby unit to be almost distractingly bright at times. Seems like overkill and makes me worried it will keep the baby awake. Wish it could use infrared lights that are invisible like some other monitors do.

Lack of Split Screen View is Frustrating

For what I paid, I was really expecting the Vava to offer a split screen for monitoring two rooms at once. Instead it just alternates views every 15 seconds, which doesn’t work as well for me. Split screen would be so much better!

Thought This Had Cry Detection…Nope

I could have sworn this was advertised as having voice activation that would turn on the screen when sounds are detected. But nope – no VOX mode here! The screen is always on, which seems like a waste. A little sound indicator light just doesn’t cut it for me.

While the video and audio are fine when everything is operating right, the issues I’ve had make me hesitate to fully recommend this monitor. For picky parents like me, it might be worth investing in something more high-end with better features. My two cents!

Vava Baby Monitor Extra Camera and Charger

If you’re looking to add an extra camera to your Vava baby monitor system, they sell one on Amazon right now for $95.99. Seems pricey, but from what I can tell it’s pretty typical for most major baby monitor brands. This additional Vava camera has solid reviews and is currently one of Amazon’s best selling baby monitor accessories.

At 1.25 lbs, the camera isn’t too bulky or heavy in my opinion. It runs on AC power rather than batteries, which I actually prefer for reliability. One less thing to worry about recharging all the time!

This extra camera costs about the same as additional cameras from top rated monitors like Eufy and Infant Optics. So Vava isn’t overcharging or anything. But $100 is still a good chunk of change if you ask me! As a mom on a budget, I’ll be thinking twice before buying.

I do like that the Vava uses a Type C USB charging cable to power the parent unit. That’s the same charger my phone uses, so at least I won’t have too many different cables hanging around! If I ever need a replacement charger, I can easily buy a generic Type C online or borrow my phone cable in a pinch.

Bummed I Missed That Discount

When Vava first launched on Amazon, they ran a pretty sweet $30 off coupon promotion. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I would have jumped on that discount! Unfortunately by the time I got my hands on this monitor, that coupon code was long gone. I just double checked and as of 2022, still no current Vava discounts out there that I can find. Such a bummer!

Trying to Decode this Thing’s Buttons and Lights

Okay, as a bit of a tech novice, I’ll admit the parental unit piece of this monitor feels confusing to me. It’s just a small screen with weird icons that I’m trying to figure out. There’s power buttons, volume controls, night vision settings…I’m still learning what it all means! A quick user guide review is on my to-do list.

Making Sense of the Display Screen

The 5-inch display shows nice color video during the day, thankfully. But once the lights go down, it automatically switches my cutie pie’s sweet face into creepy night vision mode. I don’t love the harsh black and white look personally, but I guess it gets the job done? I included a picture here so you can see all the buttons and lights on the parent unit. Still decoding what it all means!

What’s with the Antenna Situation?

Okay this may just be my lack of tech know-how again, but do I need to do anything special with the antennas sticking out of the top? The user manual doesn’t seem to mention them. I think one is for wifi and one is for the camera connection? Someone tell this mama if I’m supposed to be aiming them certain directions!

Portability is Key for This Mom

I will say as far as portability goes, the parent unit seems lightweight enough to move from room to room with me around the house. Even sleep-deprived, I haven’t dropped it yet! Being able to watch the kiddo from anywhere is key for me. Now if only I can figure out all these settings…more reading for me!

Unboxing this Thing for the First Time

When I excitedly opened up my Vava monitor, I was relieved to see it came with one camera unit right out of the box. It feels pretty lightweight but sturdy, runs on rechargeable batteries or can plug into the wall.

I noticed on Amazon I could buy a second camera for around $96 if I ever want to add one. Up to 4 total can apparently connect to the parent unit. Might come in handy someday if we have another little one!

Let Me Show You What This Looks Like

Below I added a picture of what the actual Vava camera looks like. Nothing fancy, pretty basic white rectangle that blends into the crib well enough. It feels lighter and a little flimsier than I expected but it stays propped up fine so far!

Intro Video Runthrough

When I was researching baby monitors, I came across this quick almost 2 minute YouTube video showing off the main features of the Vava. It actually helped me understand how it works better than that massive instruction manual! Thought I’d share the link in case any other parents out there are curious.

How Does This Stack Up to Popular Competitors?

When I was deciding which monitor to purchase, Infant Optics and Eufy SpaceView were also top of mind, in addition to the Vava. From what I gathered, Infant Optics may have a slight edge on range and battery life. But Vava offers great quality for a decent price point. And none of them are wifi which I like for security.

The recently released Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro does look pretty cool with the interchangeable optical zoom lens. But from this bargain hunting mama, I just couldn’t justify 2-3x the price! Maybe if budget wasn’t an issue I’d upgrade to that. For now I’m pleased enough with my Vava. Gets the job done!

Vava Baby Monitor Manual

Charging Up This Bad Boy

Step one was getting the parent unit screen fully powered up and ready to go. I had to keep it plugged in overnight to make sure the battery was completely charged. A little annoying since I was excited to set it up right away! But the next day when the charging light finally turned off I unplugged it and pressed the power button.

Plugging In the Camera

The camera unit itself needs to stay plugged into AC power at all times, which is kind of a pain. No battery option there. So I busted out the micro USB cable, got it powered up and positioned it pointed at the crib.

Syncing These Gadgets

Next came the somewhat nerve wracking step of trying to get the two units to connect or “pair” with each other. I pressed the awkwardly hidden pair button on the bottom of the camera and eventually the units synced up! Connection established, whew!

Putting Baby Under Surveillance

The instruction manual said to keep the camera 4-6 feet away from the crib to follow government regulations. I did my best to position it at a not-too-creepy spying distance. Don’t need to see up my little one’s nose hairs!

Mounting for the Long Haul

The last thing I tackled was securely mounting the camera high up on the wall to get the best vantage point. Tip for new parents – Vava doesn’t include the actual screws you need for this step! So make a trip to Home Depot ahead of time to find something that will work. Then you’re all set!CopyRetry

FAQs on Vava Baby Monitor

Does VAVA baby monitor have split-screen?

As a hopeful new parent preparing for twins, I was really hoping to find a baby monitor with split screen capabilities so I could easily view both babies at once. Sadly, Vava doesn’t offer that feature. It only shows one camera view at a time and rotates between them. Super annoying! Might be a dealbreaker issue for parents like me.

Vava baby monitor poor connection?

I was pretty frustrated when I started having connection problems with my monitor right away. The screen would go black or get filled with static randomly. After some Googling, I realized it could be because my router is too close to the parent unit, interfering with the signal. Rookie parenting mistake!

Also discovered these things only have a connection range of about 500 feet max, less if there are obstacles. So no casually chilling in my backyard hammock with a baby monitor margarita in hand. Bummer!


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