What Are Orbeez: What It Is Made Of and Invention!

What are Orbeez?

I had no idea what Orbeez were until my kids started begging me to buy them some. Apparently they’re these little colored ball things you can play with in water? Sounded weird to me. When I asked the kids to explain, all they could tell me was “they’re small colored balls to play with in the water.” Yeah, real descriptive guys. πŸ˜† Even my husband was just as clueless as I was.

So I did what any self-respecting mom would do – I googled it! Turns out Orbeez are actually made of this thing called super-absorbent polymer, which is basically a bunch of molecules clumped together that can suck up over 100 times their weight in water. Wild right? That’s how they go from tiny little balls to giant squishy orbs. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

I guess they were originally designed to help plants retain water and moisture, kind of like how diapers lock in wetness with that baby powder polymer stuff. Except someone got the genius idea to market them as kids toys. Gotta hand it to them, repackaging diaper material as a hot new toy is pretty darn clever.

Anyway, now that I actually know what Orbeez are made of, I don’t feel so clueless. Just call me the Orbeez expert now! Though I still think they’re kind of weird…but hey, if it makes my kids happy AND keeps them out of my hair for a few hours, I’ll take it!

searches for Orbeez blew up like 400% this past year – those colorful ball pit things are suddenly all the rage with kids these days! My little ones are obsessed.

Gotcha, lemme watch this vid first to see what the hype’s about with these Orbeez things before ya quiz me. I’m betting my kids’ll go nuts over all the cool stuff you can do with ’em!

Are Orbeez plastic

Far from plastic, Orbeez are totally wild super-absorbent polymer beads – basically salty colored blobs that swell up 100x in water! My mind’s blown and I may have to get the kids some now. 🀯

Dang, peep this – 100 million Orbeez become an insane sea of squishy rainbow dots! No wonder my kids are begging for ’em. 😳

How Orbeez are made

Get this – Orbeez start out as salty blob monsters made of acrylic acid and color dye all clumped together. Then when you plop ’em in water, the polymer chains suck up and store like a gazillion water molecules, causing them to swell up bigger than my head! It’s wizardry I tell ya. Where has this magical bead stuff been all my life?

What is inside orbeez

the secret of how Orbeez work their magic! Inside each little bead are polymer chains just waiting to party. When they meet water, it’s like an epic molecular rager up in there! The polymers soak up the H2O, unwind, stretch out, and bind everything together, causing the Orbeez to swell up like crazy. It’s mega cool science!

If your squishy balls start to shrink though, no worries – just add more water and BOOM, re-growth! Talk about unlimited summer fun for my kiddos. We may never leave the pool now thanks to the endless world of Orbeez and their reversible giant-sizing ability! This mom gives them an A+ for entertainment. πŸ˜ŽπŸ’¦

Can Orbeez be reused?

The best part about these Orbeez things is you can totally reuse them for a whole summer of fun! Once my kids’ giant squish pile starts to shrink back down after a couple days (you know how kids are, obsessed one week, bored the next) I just gotta spread them beads out in the sun to dry fully.

Some parents even add alcohol to speed it up! Might try that when I need a break from the constant watery ruckus in my backyard, haha. Bye bye giant bouncy mound, hello tiny dried dots!

The moment the kids inevitably come begging for another round with their beloved Orbeez, it’s as easy as tossing the shriveled little guys back in water for rehydration and KABLAM! Instant jumbo jelly mountain again!

Maybe add some food coloring too for extra awesomeness. I can pull this off at least 2 or 3 more times before they lose their soaking superpowers. Simply genius for a summer of never-ending shape-shifting bead entertainment! Although after awhile I may need a water bead vacation.

When were Orbeez made/invented & Popularity

Well slap me sideways,

I never knew Orbeez had such an interesting backstory! Turns out those wildly popular water balls soaking up all my kids’ attention were originally grown in labs back in the 1960s as plant food pellets that could hold water for soil by the USDA – talk about going from fertilizer to fun! Fast forward to some savvy dudes at a company called Maya Toys who realized they could take those same polymer gels and market them as a funky toy in 2009.

But they didn’t totally blow up until just recently!

Maya struck gold in 2021 when every kid and their mother just HAD to have Orbeez after some viral videos took off. And can you blame ’em?

Those petite little desiccant beads morphing into bouncy super soakers are darn awesome. Maya’s got their market trends on lock – take some sci-fi magic, make it bright colored, and say hello to an overnight kiddie sensation! No wonder they just sold the brand off to dinosaur toy titan Spin Master – this mom predicts Orbeez mania is just getting started and will be a playground staple for summers to come. Talk about hitting the big time!

Orbeez what to do with them

  • Orbeez are super fascinating when you dive into what they actually are! So get this – they start as tiny little balls made up of polymer molecules with spaces between them, kind of like the moisture-absorbing beads in diapers. When you plop them into water, the H2O gets trapped between the polymers, causing them to unravel, swell up, and morph into jiggly giant orbs up to 100 times their original size! How nutty is that?
  • These magic expanding beads can provide hours of entertainment for kids since they bounce, glow under black lights, and can be reused over and over. But Orbeez aren’t just fun toys – they were originally created to help soil retain water and can actually be used to water plants! Plus creative parents use them for party decor, vase fillers, candle holders, sensory play for toddlers and more. The possibilities are endless once you embrace the power of water-loving polymer balls!
  • Even my own kiddos are Orbeez-obsessed and begging me to turn our backyard into a glow-in-the-dark bead playground this summer. And I’ll probably give in because hey, the family that plays with squishy crystals together stays together right? Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stock up on our very own endless summer supply!

Tali Ben-Ezer: Woman who invented Orbeez


the brilliant masterminds behind my kids’ new Orbeez obsession are actually a hubby-wife duo named Tali and Oden Ben-Ezer! Back in ’92 these Israelis were just two crazy kids in love, churning out toys from their NYC apartment and selling ’em locally. They named their funky little business “Maya Toys” after their baby daughter. How freaking adorable is that?

Fast forward a few decades and Tali’s crushing the PR game as Maya VP, rockin’ her psych and marketing degrees, while her inventions like Orbeez are taking over the world!

No wonder she’s a total media darling lately with everyone grilling her on turning those polymer pellets into a global splash craze. And she did it all while raising little Maya – now that’s a supermama! Between you and me, I bet Maya is one lucky kid rolling in mountains of Orbeez courtesy of Mama. Pretty slick move turning your family name into a brand now raking in major toy industry coin! This is girl boss goals right here You can readΒ this interview with her here.

Orbeez where to buy

No need to trek across town hunting squishy beads – Orbeez are literally everywhere now! Walmart, Target, even Amazon…heck I bet the ice cream truck will start stockin’ ’em soon! Gotta snatch those bad boys up quick before my kids burst into tears. πŸ˜‚ This orb-obsessed mama’s on a mission! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Orbeez safety

Are Orbeez non-toxic

Phew, was kinda sweating those horror stories of kids getting Orbeez lodged in intestines! Thankfully the company insists they just pass right through your guts without issues since the beads don’t melt or clump together.

Supposedly they just take a wild slippery n’ slide ride through your natural digestive waterslides and pop out the other end one at a time, no worse for the wear! Call me convinced – these babies get my non-toxic seal of approval for safe summer fun! πŸ‘ Now to stock up on glow-in-the-dark beads…

Are Orbeez toxic to dogs

Whew! My pooch can nibble away too without turning into a rainbow puke volcano – Orbeez just zoom through Fido untouched!Β  Though I better stash ’em fast so my shoe-chewing beast doesn’t feast. These babies aren’t cheap, Baxter!

Are Orbeez dangerous

We’re all fun and games with Orbeez in this house until some toddler inevitably tries cramming fistfuls in their mouth when I blink! 😳 Love ’em, but those crunchy beads ain’t made for chompin’, kids!

These tikes may whine, but no sir – my under 3’s are banned! No orb access without momma hawk eyes, got it? One wrong gulp and we’ve got a real rainbow chokin’ hazard.

Hard pass on an ER trip thanks to rogue squishy balls! We’ll splash safe out here if we wanna keep playin’…capeesh children?

Are Orbeez bad for the environment or Biodegradable?

I love me some Orbeez shenanigans, but we gotta respect Mother Earth who blessed us with these petroleum-based marvels! Tiny as they are, letting squishy beads loose into drains or nature is a no-go. We keep things eco-friendly in this house! It’s easy peasy to scoop up my dried out blobs once the kids move on and repurpose ’em potting plants. Their polymer chains’ll shorten up and break down over time no problem (thanks science!).

If they’ve lost their re-growth superpowers, trash ’em! Bag those bad boys first though so we don’t have rainbow dots raining everywhere from garbage day, yikes.

As long as we keep Orbeez away from baby mouths and curious canines unattended, they seem harmless enough environmentally.

Just gotta monitor for choking hazards and avoid pipe-clogging water disposal dilemma. But hey, a little parental supervision is a small price to pay for endless entertainment! So soak up the summer Orb fun, kiddos…and remember – be cool to Mother Earth so we can keep these groovy beads sliding and gliding season after season!safety of polymers

Are Orbeez good for plants?

Β Well dip my daisies, these Orbeez really can do it all! When my kiddos finally loose interest in aqua antics, I’m so repurposing those bad boys for my parched plants. Pop some food pellets in the soak to feed my ferns, then plop those polymer balls right into my planters! Non-toxic rainbow crystals that gradually hydrate my foliage for weeks?
Uhh, yes please! My poor palms have been thirstier than a frat party lately in this heat. Let the great Orbeez plant experiment begin! Although if my herbs somehow grow rainbow stems, that may be too weird even for me

Are Orbeez flammable

Get this – you can toast Orbeez without torching ’em! These beads are like little aquatic aliens immune to fire. Just ask the kooky YouTube weirdos who pan-fry them for laughs! The water inside creates a protective outer space steam bubble so the Orbeez happily bounce around the flames like invincible jelly popcorn.

Almost freaky if it wasn’t so awesome! My pyromaniac toddler will surely try roasting her own when I’m not looking though, so heads up 911 operators. No real harm done aside from a few frazzled momma nerves thanks to the magic of science! Leiden-what effect again? Beyond me, but score one more for marvelous Orbeez!

Are Orbeez safe for fish?

Uh oh, somebody better warn Nemo – these Orbeez aren’t quite the gentle squishy friends they seem! Sure they proudly flaunt that non-toxic badge, but swallowing just one of those teensy beads could inflate a poor fish’s innards like a deadly balloon animal! And I don’t need to tell you those freaky rainbow corpses haunting up my tank would traumatize my kids forever…no thank you! So aquatic creatures are still a definite no-go zone for our bouncy blobs.

But on land it’s orb play free-for-all! The pets and I will be kicking back, admiring the underwater scenes FROM AFAR if you feel me.

Are Orbeez toxic to pets?

I don’t have a definitive opinion on the safety of Orbeez for pets. On one hand, the beads themselves may technically be non-toxic if ingested. However, they could still pose a choking hazard or intestinal blockage risk if large quantities are consumed, especially for smaller pets. Personally, I would err on the side of caution and keep Orbeez away from pets altogether. They’re meant as sensory toys for humans, not chew toys for animals.

But I know some pet owners may have had harmless experiences letting their pets play with Orbeez under supervision. So it’s an issue where reasonable people could disagree or should exercise judgment based on their specific situation.

Orbeez are they biodegradable

I have concerns about the safety of Orbeez for young children and pets. While marketed as biodegradable, there is still a risk of choking if accidentally ingested. As a parent, I would not feel comfortable allowing unsupervised play for kids under

5. Caution is warranted, though limited supervised play may be harmless for some. Better safe than sorry with small objects that can be easily swallowed.

Orbeez Giant & DIY Steps to make Giant Obreez

I have some hesitations about Giant Orbeez. While the larger size may reduce choking hazards compared to regular Orbeez, expanded beads over 2 inches wide still pose safety risks if swallowed by kids or pets.

Personally, I would keep these novelty water beads away from little ones and animals out of an abundance of caution, even with supervision. There are plenty of safer sensory play options.

Orbeez ultimate soothing spa


Click The picture to know more

I have mixed feelings about the Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa. While a heated massage sounds relaxing, I worry the beads could still pose safety issues if accidentally ingested, especially by small children.

As a parent, I’d be hesitant to buy this product out of an abundance of caution, though adults may reasonably enjoy it. Safer sensory toys likely exist for little ones. Some judgment is required on these novelty items.

Orbeez toys

I have some hesitations around Orbeez overall, even though I know many kids enjoy playing with them. The Massaging Body Spa sounds relaxing, but I’d worry about accidental ingestion. And while the Water Beads and Wowzer Pets seem fun, as a parent I’d be concerned about safety for little ones and supervision needed.

The Sensory Jungle Beads claim to be safer with larger beads, so those may give me more peace of mind for sensory play. But with all these orbeez products featuring small, colorful objects, I feel caution is warranted even if they are technically non-toxic.

My personal preference would be to explore some alternative sensory toys without the same choking hazard. But I know reasonable people may feel comfortable with limited Orbeez play. Some judgment calls required here by parents.

Orbeez chair

Click The picture to know more

While the idea of immersing in thousands of Orbeez sounds fun and stress-relieving for kids, I have some safety worries as both a parent and pet owner. The small Orbeez beads could pose choking hazards or intestinal blockage risks if accidentally ingested, even if marketed as non-toxic.

And supervision seems difficult with full-body immersion. Perhaps safer sensory toys exist without these risks? I’d opt for those instead out of an abundance of caution, though some may reasonably decide limited use of this chair is harmless under strict supervision.

Orbeez in Bathtub

While playing with Orbeez in water can seem fun and creative for kids, I have some safety concerns. Even if marketed as non-toxic, their small size poses a risk of choking or pipe blockages if accidentally swallowed, especially for little ones. Using them in a bathtub gives me particular worry as supervision would be difficult.

And while a pool filled with millions of Orbeez sounds whimsical, I’d be anxious about potential ingestion and drainage issues afterwards, not to mention the costly cleanup.

As a safety-conscious parent, I feel sensory toys with less choking hazard exist. Some limited Orbeez play may be harmless, but I would not feel comfortable with bathtub or pool immersion. Caution seems warranted despite reassurances they are safe when used properly. Other families may reasonably decide some supervised play is fine.

How to Use Orbeez

  • While I understand the appeal of these colorful, squishy Orbeez beads, I have some hesitations around safety, particularly for small kids and pets.
  • Even if following guidelines to soak and expand the beads properly, there’s still a risk of accidental ingestion leading to choking or blockages. And their suggested uses – parties, bathtubs, decorations – would likely mean limited supervision.
  • As a safety-conscious parent, I worry and would personally steer clear of Orbeez for young children. However, for older kids under close supervision, perhaps some play is reasonable. Generally though, I feel less risky sensory toys exist without the hazards of small bead ingestion.
  • And the drainage/pipe warnings trouble me too – one hopes proper cleanup occurs to avoid home damage! I respect families may weigh things differently, but for me, Orbeez raise safety red flags compared to alternatives.
  • If we did use them, I’d be extremely careful around little ones and drainage systems out of an abundance of caution. But I’d likely explore other, safer sensory toy options first.

Where to buy Orbeez

  • While Amazon and other retailers offer many affordable Orbeez toys, accessories and refills, I have lingering safety concerns about these products – especially for households with toddlers and pets.
  • The risk of accidental ingestion and choking gives me pause. As a parent, I’d opt for sensory toys less likely to be swallowed or cause blockages. For older kids under supervision, perhaps limited Orbeez play is fine. But my preference is avoiding small, slippery beads altogether.
  • Target’s Orbeez spa worries me too unless strictly monitored. Safety is paramount with little ones. That said, I respect other caring parents may reasonably decide supervised Orbeez play is safe.
  • For households without babies or pets, have at it with the squishy Orbeez! Just use caution around drains. As for the iOS app, virtual play seems safest. So while Orbeez are enticing, I encourage considering alternative, safer sensory toys first. But I know their appeal and don’t judge those who carefully use them.



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